Monday, September 07, 2009

four and five

so what now? haha. another blog here, obviously. well, i was really supposed to post something here last friday, but i was too tired when i went home, so i didn't got the chance to blog about what had happened during that day. ((: lemme start now.

x september 4, '09 x
it was rainin' hard, making it impossible for me to go out and proceed to my scheduled date with my best friend, vienna. we were supposed to meet by 10am, but guess what, we were able to see each other by 1pm already. and 'twas due to certain circumstances on both sides. oh anyway, we spent our first 30minutes at ust, talking bout random stuffs. gaaaawd, i missed such moments with her. and then, our next destination: sm manila. haha. i told her that i needed to buy a gift for my mom, and she said that she'd be willing to help me find the perfect gift for her. so we walked through the mall, strolling, window shopping, as we chat with each other. we've been through the dept. store, odyssey, bench, penshoppe, until we reached the bear cuddler boutique. a pillow attracted my eyes, and i've finally decided to buy it. ((: after that, we went back to the dept. store, and proceeded to the toy section. we acted like toddlers who loved such playthings so much, and people around us were almost turning their gaze upon us. but we don't care. ((: in line with my childish actions during that time, i bought a small bear and promised myself to buy one of that every week to make it my collection. ((: our stomachs were grumpy then, so we decided to eat at Mcdonalds. yummy fries. ((: after eating, we strolled around for the last time, and bid each other goodbye. BUT! here's the catch: 'twas raining hard and we both don't have any umbrella with us. so we walked through the rain, and exposed ourselves in getting wet. it was fun, though. haha. minutes passed, and i already reached my mom's office. but she doesn't know that i'm goin' there. it is a surprise, actually. when i opened the door of their office, she was about to scold me with her stunned face but then i immediately hand her the gift i bought. i kissed and greeted her in advance, and she smiled. (:

x september 5, '09 x
it's mom's bday! haha. and we were goin' to our province. :D i was quite excited 'coz it has really been a long time since we last visited there. i loved staying in our province because of the atmosphere and the presence of our relatives there. oh well, it has been a long journey because it took us hours before we reached the place. but when we finally got there, the warm welcome was really great. (: they greeted my mom, and stuff, and they were even the ones who prepared the food for everyone. (: it was not a super celebration, though. but to be in your beloved's presence during your special day would always be the greatest present one could ever receive. (:

blah blah blah. so i think i'll be ending this here. haha. i'm not in the mood to talk about things that had happened yesterday, since they weren't really big things to deal with. haha. and if you could notice, i wasn't mentioning anything about heart matters. well, i just don't feel like blabbing anything 'bout it, since i don't really have a stable love life nowadays. ((: everything's so complicated, i guess i should say. oh whatever. i don't wanna think about it anymore, and i won't try to speak about it any further because my mood might chang big time.LOL.

Friday, September 04, 2009

and i'm back again (:

oh yes. i'm back again - in blogging. ((: after almost 2 months, I finally had the chance to update my blog and change its skin, bg music, and other stuffs. I shall admit that I really missed this thing. I missed typing what was going on with my life, and confessing how I really feel at a certain period of time. I have been busy during these past few months, and really have been too lazy to even check what's goin' on in my chat box here. ((: oh anyway, let me tell you now random stuffs about my current life.

--> sounds funny. haha. I just can't think of any other words to better introduce you the things that happened during the previous month. But absolutely, it has really been a big blast. It has been a very busy month, and a very complicated one too. A lot of things occurred, both in school and at home. Oh well, I don't really have to elaborate on such things anymore, because I don't want to go over those complex happenings in my life. I just would like to mention how tiring, stressing, and intricate this month was. From the beginning of the month, until the end of it.

x LINE OF 8's x
--> just this morning, some of our subject teachers had already given us our card grades, or at least, for some, had given us the chance to compute for our tentative grades. I got an 89 in Economics, which I really regretted much in a way, because I was really supposed to get a 90. But due to my extreme laziness, I haven't passed those news clippings which could have pulled my grades up. But anyway, I've got nothing to do with it. Haha. I'm contented enough to have that grade. (: And then next, in PEH. wth. When I was in 3rd year, I never got a line of 8 in this subject, but nooooow, guess what, I got 89. 89, 89, and 89 again. Good start, isn't it? lol. My tentative grade in Physics, however, is 88. I'm contented with it anyway, because I wasn't really expecting a grade higher than 85 there. ((: Okay, a big share. :p

--> Hahaha. I just feel like talking about this thing anyway. ((: Because see, there had been a big change in my blog. And then, I finally had a new play list here. Expect random songs, haha. And, see, I don't prefer my previous screen name anymore. I find it so corny now. Hahaha. ((: Oh, what else? Idk what to say anymore, and I feel like I'm already running out of words. haha. ((: So, should I end this here? No, not yet.:p

--> Nowadays, I usually open my accts only in FS and FB. I never checke don multiply anymore because I don't find it pretty good, as it was before. Hahaha. But when I logged in yesterday, I was completely amazed and drawn towards its new feature. ((: It has the chat box now! Oh well, it's kinda better than the chat box of fb, I should say. Haha. And then, that's when I realized that FS is kinda being left out now. I mean, with all those advancements in the other networking sites, I really could feel more satisfaction through them. ((: FB's Pet Soc is still the best for me. I uber love my pet for real. ((: So cuuuute. Hahaha. FFS is also fun, and other stuffs there. Oh, and FS? IDK why despite all its negative aspects, I still can't leave my FS acct behind. ((: Maybe one reason is that, it is where I've really started, and it was really something that has already left me a lot of memories, ever since. (: