Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Excuse me, too

So I read an article ( about a father's insight with regards to the absence of his kids in class. I am part of those kids who don't get to be excused for a family trip, special gathering, or just for the sake of going out with my family. I am one of those who would /ab/normally choose going to SCHOOL over anything else. I grew up seeing these universities and colleges as my primary source of learning and being absent would mean MISSING A LOT from the day's lessons. I never knew what it was like to be told, "Child, forget about school for a day or two. We are going somewhere else and you will love it there!" So what is my normal reaction when people say that they have been absent because they went here and they have seen blah blah blah? I feel bad for them because they missed school and they have parents who think that these trips are even more valuable than what they are paying for in school...

Until now.

I realize that I actually envy these people for being able to experience the world as young as they are. That they are rich, financially and experience-wise. That I am now feeling all this wanderlust in my blood because I never get to explore the world and I am already 22. Some people my age are already going to different places, investing on experiences that makes them who they are.

And here I am. Lost? Confused? Nah. Mostly stuck at where I am -- accepting the fact that not getting all these things today doesn't mean that I can no longer make these things happen. Maybe what I need are still not with me right now: money, timing, and the right shoes to take me there.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Euni Bree

The songs you did not sing
The words you did not say
The promises you did not mean

Where did it all go?

The life you took away
The voice you buried underground
The face I used to know

Who have you become?