Monday, October 03, 2016

Happy October!

Your existence is more than a blessing to the people you're showering your love and kindness with. . . When no one wanted to listen, you were there to understand. When every one wanted to go, you were there to stay all throughout. When I wanted to be left alone, you gave me what I needed. But you never abandoned me as a friend. You never left. You have never forgotten. You've always been there through the good, the best, the bad, and the worst. I've told you things about me and never feared that you'll judge me for how messed up I could be sometimes. I always knew you'd understand. I always knew how genuine you are.

To the best college friend I've ever had, Belated Happy Birthday to you. I know we're quite occupied and full with everything that's going on in our lives right now, but I know that nothing could ever change the bond that we've built so far.

You taught me how to be strong despite feeling helpless; how to look fearless despite all the monsters at the back of my head. You are such an amazing individual, and I hope that you would continue spreading out your wings and become the woman you ought to be.

Stay strong, stay brave, stay fearless.

And most of all, never ever give up on yourself.

Sending my love from here to wherever you are,
Euni ❤

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