Saturday, February 23, 2013

Because Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough...

Despite everything we have now, we will always have the tendency to "crave" for something we don't have. 

No matter how much we try to be just the best for the persons we love, we just can never be enough for them.

We love them, they love us back... We are blinded by this love that we have learned to believe that despite our insecurities and flaws, they truly feel something real for us. Yes, it may be real, but that doesn't give us the assurance that nothing's gonna change. One day, they could make us feel we're all they've ever wanted. Then the next day, all they could make us feel is that we're just a part of the "Pleasure Puzzle."

Maybe the thing is, I am insecure. I don't have everything you'd love to get from a girl. Most of the time I am too jealous, too clingy. I know you're getting tired of the drama and stuff. But I love you. And it just hurts to see that despite everything, I still can never be enough for you. I still can never be "that girl" for you. 

You'll always be hungry for the thing I couldn't give you, the thing that only other girls could make you feel satisfied...

Maybe I'm wrong for trying to figure something I would never want to know because I just ended up hurting myself. But would I let myself become an ignorant and a fool for believing everything you're trying to make me see while trying to hide some things like you're cheating on me?