Monday, August 27, 2012

Late Monday Morning Thoughts

You are my lover and my sweetest man
Acting weird around you is just so much fun.
No one has ever made me feel this way
So I'm not letting go, I'm here to stay.

What's up with these words that seem to rhyme?
Oh I don't know baby, they just popped on my mind.
I guess I just simply wanted to let you know
That I'm thinking of you and I'm missing you so.

PS This is really a random post and I didn't actually intend to write a very short "poem" or whatever. So yeah. Good morning! :)  

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Living in a World of Lies

I've always been that kind of girl who's too conscious of how people might see me. I always try to put up my better side to conceal my flaws. I always prefer to be seen as the innocent, sweet and understanding girl one could ever know. But the real thing is, am I really that person? Do I always have to try so hard to be accepted for who I am not?

My boyfriend made me think of these things. I've been trying to act as someone else as I try to convince myself that I am that person. I'm hiding things because I'm afraid of how people would react once they knew my dark sides. I'm afraid to be rejected, I always wanted to fit in. But now I'm asking myself, would I be happier this way? 

Oh, a lot of questions in my head. But I no longer want to be that girl who worries a lot because I am not the person people thought I was. Or at least, I think people thought I was. I wanted to be myself. I wanted to see who will really be there to accept me for who I am. No judgments, no pretensions. I'd love to have a carefree life. I'd love to act liberated in front of everyone. I no longer want to hide. I no longer want to live in a world of lies. I wanna be exposed for who I am. I wanna be just myself.

And as funny as it is, I just received a group message from one of my Bedan friends. It says, "Life is never about proving people that you are a good person. Sometimes, the bad things also matter. For in your dark side, you can see among the people that surround you are ready to light the road with you. It's not about how many friends you have, or how many people roam around you. It's how few of them ACCEPTS. For in your nothingness, people who are TRUE to you find reasons to LOVE you still."

And it hit me. 

Thursday, August 09, 2012

At least be sensitive enough...

I woke up to the news that residents of Marikina are being forced to evacuate from their area. After that, I found out that even Cavite is now under the state of calamity. What's next? I really hope for these things to end now, if not, at least keep everyone really safe. But what actually bothers me is that how insensitive some people can be.

It sucks to see some posts regarding makeup classes, term breaks, class suspensions, moved examinations, etc. Some can even bother to rant about how they don't want Saturday classes, how they love to have more class suspensions, and how they're feeling sad that for sure, term and sem breaks will be shorter. C'mon guys. Even at this situation, we still can manage to be REALLY self-centered? Aren't we lucky enough that we're not being carried away by these floods? Can't we just be thankful and shut the fuck up? If we can't do anything for them, at least be sensitive enough to sympathize. Or really, don't you have a heart for that?

It's sad to know that there are these people who can even think of these IDIOTIC things. Apathetic individuals. Honestly? I am stuck here at home and I, too, can't really do anything for them; but at least I know where to put myself and my words in this kind of situation. Or at least I think I know. 

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Just a rainfall...

It's been raining hard since Monday and classes have been suspended since Tuesday. It's quite  surprising how damaging this rainfall had been, to think that there isn't even any typhoon in our country's area of responsibility. Yes, I'm stuck in this house, but lucky enough to feel safe from floods. Oh how I wish everyone's safe, too. It's heartbreaking, indeed, to be in this kind of situation. Let's all send our prayers for everyone's safety. I think that's the least we can do if we could not lend a hand in person. 

Maybe we should stop complaining and blaming each other? What matters now is how we could help each other to make it through this calamity. 



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