Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Nalulungkot ka, umiiyak ka, DAHIL iniwan ka. HINDI dahil wala na siya."

Let me quote it once again,

"Nalulungkot ka, umiiyak ka, DAHIL iniwan ka. HINDI dahil wala na siya."

Makes sense? Of course it does. I actually heard this from my best friend, as she quoted a priest who said these lines. Then these words were suddenly stuck on my head and it eventually inspired me to write on my blog again. Why?

Because I know how it feels. To be sad, depressed, hopeless, left behind, hanging and alone with no choice. Name it. We surely have went through these feelings - when people leave us, when someone dies, when a friend ignores us, or even when a loved one decided to go on with life without us. Heartbreaking. You're feeling bad for yourself. Because once again, someone has to leave you. And they left you with no choice but to accept it and just be happy for them.

In this kind of circumstance, people would usually think, "Hindi ko kakayanin pag iniwan mo ako." Or, "Hindi ko alam gagawin ko pag nawala ka." I've heard these lines a hundred times before. Witnessed it on my own. These words were usually giving a person the feeling that someone is afraid of losing them, that someone could not live without them. But eventually these words were just words. Because no matter how much we try to keep and hold on to these, they would just mean nothing when the time comes.

Some people would say, "I couldn't go on with life without him/her anymore." And some wise man would answer, "Nagawa mo ngang mabuhay noon nang wala siya. Magagawa mo ulit yan." And normally our response would be, "Iba kasi nung dumating siya sa buhay ko. Nasanay na ako na nandiyan siya."

My stand on that? Nasanay ka lang. And now that you're left alone again, you just didn't like the feeling that someone just broke your heart for the nth time. (Who does?) But the point is, you could still go on. You could be happy. You could live your life the way you did before. It wouldn't really be the same, because of the simple reason that nothing ever stays the same. It is actually a matter of choosing between being happy or feeling sorry for yourself.

Honestly, I used to believe that the lost of someone we used to value so much is the reason why we feel bad, even so depressed at times. Then I heard the words, "Nalulungkot ka, umiiyak ka, DAHIL iniwan ka. HINDI dahil wala na siya," and I started to realize how true it was. How empty it feels to be left behind. Nawalan na ako ng mahal sa buhay at alam ko yung pakiramdam. Pero ngayon ko lang narealize na iniyakan ko sila dahil iniwan nila ako; dahil iniwan nila kaming malalapit sa buhay nila na nasanay na sa presensiya at pangangalaga nila. We're not actually crying for the fact that they're gone. We're actually mourning for ourselves because we just couldn't be with them as often as we used to before, because they left us. When in truth, we should be happy because they aren't feeling the pain this Earth has to give them. God has already taken them to heaven and took away their pain.

And from this, I actually had the courage to face the world again. I could live without you, my dear friend. It won't really be the same, but I'm doing well. The sadness and emptiness I am having is not because of your absence in my life. It's more of the feeling you've given me when you walked out at the unexpected time. Didn't brace myself for that, because I've been believing in you all along. I've been holding on to promises, to those words you've said before. I'm over those romantic conversations. You were the one who used to tell me how afraid you are of losing me, of me getting tired of you, of me deciding to just leave you hanging. But who did what? Who broke whose heart? Who felt what? WHO?