Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Year-end Post

So it's the 31st of December, and tomorrow's gonna be another year. That's why I've decided to update my blog and make this year-end post. Well, this is only a brief thing about how my year went, and I shall say that most of the vital events are not posted here. But then, be sure not to miss anything. (;

I have experienced my first Prom night. Haha. Well, that wasn't really a memorable one, since I had something broken that time. I don't want to elaborate on things much, since that was a part of the past which I do not really want to look back on. Lol. Haha. So let us proceed to the next month.

What happened here? Wall bash. i couldn't recall a thing. Haha. Could we pass on this? :P

My Junior life ended. A lot of struggles had been experienced, but then, glad that we [as a class] was able to survive it all. (;

Another year was added to my age. Lol. Haha. Turned sweet sixteen. :)) I'm not used to celebrating birthdays in an extravagant way, so it was only spent with my parents, and we had a dinner. And that's as far as i could remember. :P And of course, this is the month when I joined Friendstertalk university, and the month "The Cullens" was formed. How could i ever forget that? :P

Vacation was spent for my review for the Entrance Exams. Oh well, I haven't really concentrated on that. Haha. Challenges were on this month, and a lot more in between. New friends were met, and this is the month my blogger account was made. :P

This is the month were a lot of things occurred, i guess. So let's begin with the foundation of Tropang Kalye. Haha. That was dated on the 8th of June, past 12 midnight. :P Era & I was supposed to be only transferring to another group, yet, we ended up creating a new one. :P Next highlight was about *someone* who left the country. Haha. He was a special person, so I'd think I have to include him here. :P I'll never forget the night I knew that he already left, because i felt my heart really was breaking that time. However, as days passed by, I realized that this occurrence was the closure I needed. & that was the thing that made me realize that things in the past couldn't really be back again, for the second or nth time. Oh, and yes. I think i shall include him here too. The reason why I was able to make it through. [partly, I shall say] This was also the month I met this person, and I don't really regret that I met him. And yes, he has taken part in changing my life this 2009.

After the long June, I can't recall anything about July. Hahaha. Too bad, I guess. :))

Buwan na Wika. So the hell what? Haha. I just feel like mentioning it. :P TK's already 2 months old, and counting. I was really glad i had this group.

One thing I'll never forget about this month is the bonding I had with my 4-year best friend. And another thing is the haircut I've had, which I regretted. Haha. And of course, my mom's birthday. Why? Because I really had a hard time choosing her a gift. So i ended up with a Bear Cuddler stuff. & that is so embarrassing since she thought i bought that for myself. :))

Ohyeah. Halloween. haha. No, not really. I guess this is the month when we had our field trip[well, the best that I've had.:P] & the really memorable retreat. As far as I could remember, this is one of the busy months I had. Haha.

Darn that CAT camping. I had my skin burned. Haha. JK. My color just got a li'l darker. ((: And what else? Wallbash. Why can't my memory work well? o.O

So what's with this month? Haha. Paskuhan. I'll never ever forget this last paskuhan i have had as a HS student. Though conflicts arose, I'm still glad 'bout it. And of course, the stay I had in the province. Xmas was celebrated there, and I'm as contented as always. :P Had fun really with my relatives, esp. with my cousins, nephews, and nieces. Haha. & my Xmas has really been complete. :P And what else? yeah. Bankrupt. I have no money left with me. Everything's spent on clothes and gifts. Haha. 2009 ends with my wallet empty. ((: Pathetic truth. ((:

What kind of run-down was that? Haha. I don't even think that it makes sense. Oh well, just bear with it, 'kay? Haha. :P Goodbye twenty-o-nine, hello twenty-ten. (; So special persons in my life, thanks for making this year a memorable one. You've been a part of it, and I'm really thankful that you have been. (:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

mixed emotions.

oh yeaah. so i'd love to make things straight to the point here. haha.
lemme start then.

yesterday, we had our xmas party. haha. at it's super enjoy. lalo na ung mga gifts na narecv ko. i uber thank those people who gave me gifts, esp. those who've given me spongebob stuffs. grbe. super nkakatouch. :) then, that night, we had our paskuhan. it is really an almost perfect night, except the fact na hndi ako pnaygang tapucn ung event. nkakainis lng, kasi, that was my last paskuhan as a high school student @ ust. tapos, they wouldn't allow me to fully experience the paskuhan. super nkakadisappoint. at nkksama ng loob. and i couldn't deny the fact na hanggang ngayon, i'm feelng bad about it. REGRETS, panghhnayang, at pagkakairita.

now. i'm feeling quite weird again. i just can't get why people tend to be so sensitive and insensitive at times. i'm not feeling well, emotionally. and this bothers me a lot. why? because i'm fearing that i have the tendency to experience this "depressive disorder". but then again, i'm trying to calm myself down, and condition myself. i don't have to deal with everything, alone. i don't have to carry the burden on my own. i don't have to be the one suffering from the sentiments of other people. i have my own life too. and it just sucks to feel like some people tend to take your weak points for granted.

it sucks to realize that not all people could understand you; how you feel, how you think, and how you deal with things. they wouldn't even have the mind to think of placing themselves on your position to at least know how you really feel. they just think of themselves. and wouldn't care of how you are feeling, and what were your insights about things. life is indeed unfair.