Tuesday, January 26, 2010

this could have been just another day

Yaaay. So I'm back with blogging again. Haha. Wala lang. I just feel bored, though I'm multitasking at this very moment. Weird noh? :)) Anyway. Let me just blab here. It's my blog, right? :P Sooo. Hindi ko nanaman alam kung pano sisimulan 'to. But let me try with this:

"Would it be the same if we never met? Or, how would it be like if we knew each other from the start?"

Ano nga ba? What if, hindi talaga kita nakilala. What if i was never really given the chance to know you? Magkakaganito parin kaya ako? Well, the answer is clear. Things wouldn't be this way for me kung walang ikaw sa buhay ko. But then, If I hadn't met you, would my previous year be as memorable as it was? I guess the answer would be a NO too. As a quote goes, "There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well." Yes. there may have been those times that i felt so down of what's goin on, and felt so confused on where things are leading me to. Pero, naisip ko lang dn. If I wanted those moments to fade away, isn't like i'm also saying that I also wanted the happiness to fade? Ganun lang siguro talaga. Na kung ano yung makakapagpasaya sayo, yun rin kadalasan ang mga bagay na magpapa-lungkot sayo. Bakit? 'Coz there'd really come a time that you'd find out na nawawala na yung bagay na yun sa buhay mo. In that case, you'd feel sad of what you're losing. Ang hirap i-explain. Haha. Naguguluhan narin ako sa sinasabi ko. :))

Pero, how would it be like if we knew each other from the start? Yung tipong, we really know each other in person. Yung kilala kita, kilala mo ako, nagkikita tayo. Would it be the same for us? Would I have this same damn feeling for you still? could there be a possibility na special ka parin sakin? Could there be a chance na i also have fallen for your tricks the way I did? Ang totoo, hindi ko alam. And I can't figure it out. Pero siguro, if that was our situation, walang ganito. Walang gulo sa isip ko. Siguro, hindi ganito ka-complicated lahat. Siguro, walang problema. Kasi siguro, wala tayong ganito, at wala tayong naging ganito. Haha. Whatever. Wala naman pala talaga diba?

Oh anyway. Wala lang. I don't exactly know why on earth I blogged about this. When in fact, I should be keeping it to myself. Lol. Pero never mind. I know things would get better. 'Coz I'm slowly getting better too. I think I know where I stand know, so I'm keeping my distance. And it's to avoid further damage to the thing that once has got broken. :)