Sunday, January 22, 2012

1st Typography ♥

I've been trying to figure out how this one works...

and I'm so glad that I finally learned how to make one! ♥ Thanks to this tutorial for being such a great help. :") It took me hours to finish this. It has a lot of imperfections and it is not like a professional artist's masterpiece, but I'm really feeling great for the outcome. :") Here's the original image, btw:

Comments? Criticisms? Suggestions? ♥

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Motivated, but not that inspired.

Today I shall not sleep and shall work hard for my ACC02 midterms exam tomorrow.

Nerd mode all day, all night til midnight. Motivated, but not inspired. Despite this fact, I believe that motivation is even more powerful and effective than the latter. So, here I go tonight. The battle has not ended yet, and never will it be. Now I'm even more determined to strive harder and do better. Who says I'm gonna give this up? :") 

A brief blog post to express how I feel. :) Blessed and grateful for being on the top 5 students who made it to the dean's list (for the whole Accounting dept.). I lift this up to Him, and to my parents who deserve this more than I do. But this is only the beginning. I'm still moving forward and fighting. Dreams, sooner or later, I will have you. ♥

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Five Years. ♥

Five years of friendship. And counting.

Sino mag-aakalang hanggang ngayon best friend parin kita? =)) Anyway, Marie Katherine Indiongco, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY! \;D/ Tayo'y magdiwang at dalaga ka na! (Teka, sa 21 ka pa magcecelebrate diba? :)) ) Anyway, Hayaan mong ilaan ko ang blog post na ito para sa iyo. (YES. TAGALOG. =)) )

This won't be a long post. Straight to the point 'to. Haha! Kayeng, you've been such a good friend ever since. Isa ka sa mga taong alam kong nanjan lang kahit hindi na tayo madalas magkita. Isa ka sa mga baliw kong kaibigan na alam kong matino pag matino nang usapan. Isa ka sa mga taong alam kong mapagkakatiwalaan ko forever. And yes, you are that friend that I'd always treasure no matter what. 

Actually, namimiss ko na pagiging OC mo! :)) HS years, remember? Mula sa locker, sa mga gamit mo, sa school works, at kung anu-ano pa. But the truth is, I miss you more. :") Alam mo naman kung gaano kita ka-love eh! Kailangan pa bang sabihin yun at iexplain? Hindi na diba? :D

So I'd take this opportunity to thank you for always choosing to stay. For being that best friend that I know I'll have for my entire existence. Thank you for the memories we've made together and for those that we are still about to have. Thank you for everything. For being that awesome friend na magccrack ng joke, magsshare ng random facts, magkkwento ng kung anu-ano, etc. You are indeed one of a kind. Hahaha. Sa ganda mong yan. ;DD

So Kayeng, I wish you all the best in everything. The best ka na eh, ano pang mahihiling ko sayo diba? :)) Ah! Sige. SIYA nalang. GETS MO NA DAPAT YAN. Hahaha. I love you Kaye! You know I'll always admire you for being so focused sa goals and studies mo. Jan kita idol eh. Haha! And I know na worth it lahat ng efforts and hard work mo ngayon. Keep the strength in you. GIRL POWER. :))

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dearest Kayeng. I love you! Bonding soon with Erika and Bola. ♥

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012, Bring It On!

(January 3, 2012 - 3:16 AM)
/ The last night I'd be falling apart. :') /
2011 has been a tough year, I shall say. And with that, I dare not say every single event that happened way back then. I've been trying to figure things out lately, and I've really been through a lot of reminiscing. I've been telling myself to do this, to do that, to leave this, to leave that, to forget this, and remember that. The last days before 2011 ended were filled with emotions at its highest and lowest points. Drama took over me, as I tend to be nostalgic of what I've lost and what I've been missing. But as the year ended, my life has been filled with so much happiness as I realized that despite everything, I'd always have the most unconditional love one can ever have - our parents' love for us.

But these nights are really begging me to fall apart. I am not at my best condition, I shall say. I still have these questions in my mind which are left unanswered. I still have these issues which are left unresolved. For the past few months, I've seen myself holding my head up high. I thought I was that strong, that I was able to get over things that easy. That I was able to wear those laughter and smiles like I haven't been broken. But I was wrong. I am still not over things, and I am still trying to mend my broken heart.

And now let me share to you what changed in me since that heart break. I used to believe in forever, in true love, in those romantic conversations. But now, I honestly don't get any point on their existence. Or maybe, I just could no longer see love (in a romantic sense) as something real, as something which could last forever. I could only see it now as an emotion. The one that isn't stable, the one that could change -- at any moment in time. Then, I've realized... that when someone ruined your so-called forever, it really becomes hard to trust anybody else again. This made me come up with a conclusion: that what I need is NOT a knight in shining armor, NOT even a prince charming NOR some sort of savior. What I need is someone who could make me realize that I am no longer broken, that I am no longer beyond repair. That I am as good as I was, even better, or even at my best.

.... That I am good enough. Even when I'm really not. I could never be good enough. I don't have the perfect package, as any guy would look for. Well, I am just myself. Imperfect, full of impurities, name them. Oh well, whatever. Enough for that self pity part.

I just wanna say that for now, I am bracing myself for a wonderful year. Because despite all the negativity on my mind today, I am moving forward. I know I'll make it through. I've got so much goals for myself and for my family, and that's where I am focusing now. I am not saying goodbye to the past, for I know I'd still refer to it in case I forgot what I've learned before. But I am not letting myself drown into these memories and sulk myself in depression just because I am not romantically loved now. I know what I need more. And I know what I have to let go of.

So 2012, BRING IT ON! ;D