Monday, October 26, 2015

P l e a s e

All I know is I’m scared and I do not want us to end.
All I could feel is pain. Then numbness. Then pain again.
Why does this always happen to me?

I feel too broken to be happy right now, and only you can make things alright. Please come back. Please give me an assurance that you will. Can't we just fast forward to when we'll be totally okay again? 

I can't understand what I am feeling right now. I know I'm not mad. Not to you. Maybe I'm mad at myself. I'm partly shattered. I'm hurt. I'm confused at what's happening with you, with us. I feel so unsecured with all these threats around us. I do not know the why's, the how's, not even the what's. What happened to us? Where am I right now? Where are you right now? Where are we going right now? 

Please be okay again. Please say you'll still want me after the time that you need. Please say that we'll still make it work. Please still choose to stay. Please still choose me. Us. Please still choose the future we've been building through the years. Please don't run away alone. Run away with me.

Please don't let me go.