Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mentally Disoriented

Trapped and helpless
Lost and dumbfounded
I wish I never asked
I wish I never knew

Gullible and naive
Shallow and absurd
The argument is over
I'm never gonna win

Stepped with the wrong foot
Tripped by the other
Wounded by my choices
Damaged by accident

The past clouds my judgment
The present's filled with skepticism
Something's holding me back
But the future's pulling me through

Now the spotlight's on me
And I'm all that I can see
A step backward could make me regret
A step forward could make me upset

To leave and let go, or
To stay and perdure
A decision dependent on the other
A choice within another choice

Trapped and helpless
Lost and dumbfounded
Drowned in my introspection
Burned by my own disposition

Friday, April 12, 2013

Every Day by David Levithan - A Review

Every DayEvery Day by David Levithan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'll go with the safe rating, 4/5.
I liked the book, yes. But it's driving me crazy. I still can't figure out how he was born that way, living and waking up as another person since birth. How was he even born? I mean, seriously? And the lives of these people he's been borrowing for a day.... won't everything be just screwed up for them for all the missed quizzes, and everything? (hahaha I'm sorry that was lame, but still.... their lives aren't A's and every time he changes their routine, isn't that a way of ruining their lives and relationships w/ other people as well? )


Most/some of us know how it is to be in a relationship, or how to be in love with someone at least. And whether we admit it or not, these persons will never be the same, every day. And so are we. But we love them. We still do love them. Maybe sometimes it's hard to figure out if we're staying just because of fear of being alone, fear of disrupting the arrangement of our current life, fear of uncertainty or just simply because there's a glint of hope within us that tomorrow things will be better. But we know that for this moment, we are willing to accept and this person even if we know that tomorrow, s/he could be a different person. I couldn't really get straight to the point but this book has just made me realize that despite the complications and uncertainties that our future may hold and our past have held, if our love is true, we'd be willing to take risks, whether it means letting go of something or holding on to it.

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