Sunday, November 15, 2009

nakakamiss magka - =))

haha. lol. so what's with this update? read along. ((:

Today's our PTC. And I'm really quite nervous for my grades. I know that it would be much lower than what I've had during the 1st quarter, so I'm fastening my seat belt for that. So basically, from 93, I got 92 in my regular Math, which is 1.5 units, the other 0.5 goes to elective (I guess. ((: ). From 94, my grade in Elective Mathematics has gone down to 84. And swear, that hurts a lot. o.O Physics, from 88 to 87. Pssh. It could have been better if my grade in Mathematics had not really gone down. The rest of the subjects? I got 1 point higher. And my Makabayan grade remained as it was, 90. All in all, my general average from 89.42 went down to 89.03. Well, still a big UH-OH for me. But then again, It's fine. ((:

Why is it fine? Oh here. Haha. My mom&I went to the mall to shop a pair of sandals for me. Well, supposed to be, only A PAIR. But guess what? I was able to please her, and she bought me 2 pairs. ((: I love it, really. :D And then, we went shopping for a blouse. Again, I only intended to buy only 1. But since my mom's feeling kind, she was able to buy me 2. ((: The other things we bought are those that are for grooming products. Haha. And it just feels so good shopping with my mom. ((: I wonder when could we do it again. LOL.

And. I'd also like to share a funny thing here. Haha. Well, at least for me, it sounds funny. ((: We were on our way towards the mall's exit when I saw a big teddy bear. I like bears, and stuffed toys, FYI. haha. So there. You know what popped on my mind? "NAKAKAMISS MGKA-BOYFRIEND." Haha. The thought of having that on my mind sounds really ridiculous. ((: It has been 2 years since I last had a BF, and that thing only passed through my mind now. And take note, just because I've seen a big teddy bear. ((:

Oh anyway, so much for my talkative hands. Haha. I guess I'll end this here. I have to turn this PC off since i promised my mom that I'd work hard this quarter. Yeah, I will really do. Inspire me, 'kay? ((:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

my own fairy tale (:

haha. just updating my blog here. ((: so, what's the title all about? well, nothing in particular, really. i just entitled this entry as "my own fairy tale" because i feel like it. and since this is my blog, i consider things here as tiny bits of chapters in my own fairy tale. gaaawd. whatever. my mind's in a jam. ((:

so what's with the update? i don't feel like blabbing about something in particular, but i just feel like typing about random things. whatever comes in my mind, my fingers encode it. and when i run out of words and ideas, well basically, i would end this. ((:

so there. as you can notice, i've just had a new blog skin, a new profile pic and description, and a new bg music. what's with it? nothing really. i just feel like my blog need a change. so am i. ((:

oh well, the song may sound so mushy, but i think it's the best song to fit in my blog today. idk why. it came from the soundtrack of enchanted, and it is entitled "so close". it's a good song, i should say. haha. and it makes my blog page appear more like a fairy tale. :p

so much for the randomness. i really don't feel well. o.O

Monday, November 02, 2009

my life would suck without you (:

the title is not really connected with this blog post. haha. i just feel like making it the title of this post since it is currently playing on my blog. ((: and, im knda getting LSS of it. ((:

oh, anyway, here's my real post. haha. so basically, i should be writing this on my journal. but then, i think it would be easier if i'd type it first, and then transfer it on my journ. ((:

i hate this 4-day sembreak. why? oh well, friday served as my rest day - a rest from all the school stuffs during the past weeks. saturday? there'd been a strong wind that morning. and it made me feel like err, how can we go to the province with that bad weather? but then, thank God the weather turned well after few hours. we stayed in Nueva Ecija til Sunday afternoon, which made me unproductive since I can't do any project at all. I have my laptop with me, but hey, how can I do something if we keep on walking from house to house to visit our relatives? And then Sunday night, we arrived home by 11 PM. I feel so worn out and tired. And that made me feel like dropping on my bed and sleep. Oh well, I really did.

and now. monday morning. idk how to make all the requirements done. :| how i really
hate it. why do we need to be bombarded with this school stuffs when we should be spending our time for the all souls&saints day? yeah. i am thankful enough coz we have the 4-day break. but then, with lots of requirements to be finished in that short period of time, should i still be grateful for that? :/