Sunday, August 07, 2011

Because I Just Need An Outlet of Emotions.

"Sometimes, you have to give up on that one person. not because you want to, but because you have to."

Damn this quote, which made me think about things again. Yes, everything seems to be fine. And indeed, some things really are. Acads, family stuffs, love matters, friends, name them. But nothing's constant. Everything is subject to change. Everything is vulnerable to the so-called changes.

So let me cut this short. I don't wanna blab about every detail of what I really want to talk about.

I'm afraid. So damn afraid of changes between US. So damn terrified of what could possibly happen in the future. We both know something, and that thing will always be on our way. No matter how much we try to fight for ourselves. I guess I just need to let this out. Through this.

Walang araw na dumaan na di ko naiisip yung mga bagay bagay. Whatever those things are, we'll keep it to ourselves. Masakit, and I shall admit, no matter how much I try to just get over it, that pain wouldn't fade away. We can pretend that things are going well, but at the end of the day, we both know what's really happening. And what's bound to happen. And I'm typing here teary eyed because I know how difficult it is for us, for me, for you, most specially. I don't wanna be just a part of your memory. I don't wanna be just a fragment of your past. Because I just wanna be your present, and the future you are looking forward to. Heartbreak after heartbreak, I know I'll never love this way again. And I never wanna lose my best friend, my brother, my soul mate, my knight in shining armor, my lover, my true love, my angel, my husband, my baby, my everything. And it breaks me to pieces everytime I think of us coming to an end. After everything. After those promises, those dreams we built together, those sweet words, poems and songs which describe our lives as one.

All I wanna be with is you. It may be too early to say, but at least it won't be too late. I'm holding on, as long as we still know we'd get through this. Together, we'll break the walls, we'll cross the oceans, we'll fly through the sky. Because I still believe in us. I still believe in you. I still believe that our love is true, and will NEVER be through.