Friday, July 08, 2011


ACCOUNTING is a METAPHOR of LIFE. – Professor Joffre Alajar

And indeed, it is. And it will always be. Studying Accounting and taking it up as your course will make you realize the reason behind his words. And as far as I am concerned, I have seen what my professor meant by that.

I have studied Accountancy in DLSU for a year, and haven’t made it further there. A heartbreaking dilemma this last summer, which tore me apart. I thought, maybe I am not good enough. Maybe I am not really for the course. Maybe it isn’t really for me. Maybe I could do better with something else. Maybe I just couldn’t love Accounting. Or maybe, I just didn’t give my all. I played it easy; I relaxed and watched my own character lose herself in the process. So I ended up losing the game, instead of struggling to win on it.

That’s when Accounting made me feel bad, made me feel broken hearted – the worst heartbreak I’ve ever had. It showed me how tough life could be, for failures are really on every side of the road. Bump on it, and then you have to deal with it. And dealing with it entails being strong, being stronger, and being strongest that you can be. Standing up after every fall is never easy. But you don’t have to let yourself be filled with negativity at all times. Sometimes, staying optimistic makes you go on, even at hardest times.

And so I left DLSU – with my heart broken, with my soul damaged, with my mind cluttered, and with my pride set aside. I transferred to San Beda College, with the positive outlook that maybe this time, life would be kind to me. But it wasn’t that easy. I encountered these individuals who brought my spirit down when I was still in the process of enrolling. They say Accounting is tough here, and that I shall be shifting to their course because I couldn’t make it. I admit, those words hurt; whether they meant it as a joke or not. And mind you, I never blurted it out to anybody yet. I kept my mouth shut, as I feel disheartened of being in this course again.

But I realized, WHO ARE THEY TO JUDGE MY CAPABILITY AS A PERSON, WHEN THEY BARELY KNOW ME? Who are they to break someone’s spirit when she’s still trying to move on and start a new life again? Who are they? They are simply another set of individuals who don’t mind their own businesses. Insensitive. Inconsiderate. Oh well, what do they know about me?

The funny thing is, they became my classmates in one of my subjects this semester. But I didn’t see it as a sign that maybe, I am meant to follow their course. I saw it as a sign that I’m going to prove them wrong. And in their damn faces, I’ll show them that they weren’t able to break me down. For this time around, I’ll make sure I’m going to make things right. Maybe, I couldn’t go back in time, but at least, I have this chance now to start over again and learn to prioritize.

I know it’s not gonna be easy. But at least, I have my reasons to strive harder. For I know that Accounting, just like life itself, is indeed complicated. With this course, you’d learn to cry and get disappointed, you’d feel bad for failures and hindrances, you’d experience a lot of twists and turns in the process. It teaches us what life is. It shows us what real life is - that living life isn’t just being extremely happy and having fun. That life is more than just something to enjoy with, for at times, it is something that we must learn to understand. We’d all fail and succeed; we’d all experience good and bad times. But with Accounting, you’d learn how to deal with it; for you have been taught that life is never easy. And never will it be.