Tuesday, December 24, 2013

She's Nowhere to be Found

There's this girl that I used to know
We were once so close and insep'rable
But life's been cruel and things have changed...

Light as a feather, she's been blown away
The idea of her is the only thing that remained
But that isn't enough for her presence to be felt...

I wish I could bring her back, but I just couldn't
Because the path she's chosen is far from where I am
She's gone too far, and she's gone too soon
I tried to wait but I get tired too

I used to believe that it'll be easy
That she'll come back when she starts missing me
But what's happening now? Please tell me.

The girl that I used to know is no longer here
She wanted to be free so I let her be
Isn't that what real love is?


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