Monday, August 29, 2016

Stay Positive
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My blog has been filled with so much negativity and sadness for the past year, and I've actually been thinking of giving it a revamp. I was about to open a new account at Wordpress, when I realized that, I should really stop running away every time I feel the need to rearrange my life.

So here I am, trying to make a shift out of this page.

(Oh my god, who would have thought that I've been using Blogger since 2009? Don't even try to look back, guys. You'll regret reading my terrible teenage dramas. LOL)

Let this post actually be the page marker of my daily(I swear I'll try) dose of motivation. I've been working since last month, and since I am new at this phase of my life, there had been days wherein I'd really just want to curl up and spend the entire day doing nothing. But then I'd jump out of my bed realizing that NO I CAN'T DO THAT BECAUSE I HAVE TO GO TO WORK TODAY.

I know I'm just starting and it'll probably take awhile for me to get used to this adulting thing. So while the ride is still smooth and the boat is still sailing on a calm sea, I'd try to prepare myself for the possible storms and rough roads ahead. 


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